Fifteen-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez’ was found dead in his closet by his parents on Saturday. Next to his body, his cell phone was balanced on a shoe, recording him.

His parents think that Isaiah killed himself as part of a series of online dares called the “Blue Whale challenge.” According to KSAT, people are contacted through social media and coerced through threats to complete a series of obstacles. The last one on the list is suicide.

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According to a report by the Washington Post, there are 50 tasks in total that people are forced to complete. They range from simply watching scary movies to more horrible ones like self-mutilation.Users have to send pictures of completed tasks through platforms like Instagram. The Blue Whale challenge is rumored to be causing deaths globally, but some believe its simply a hoax, the latest in a long line of sensationalist invented trends.

Isaiah’s parents though, think this was the real thing, and claim he was sending pictures of the tasks he’d finished through Instagram. School districts across the United States are taking it seriously enough to issue warnings about it to parents.

Another girl in Atlanta reportedly committed suicide as part of the challenge, ramping up the alert over Blue Whale in the United States.

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Texas teen broadcasts his own suicide — parents think he may have been pushed by a dare Rare media library.