Texas winters aren’t always bad, but our ranking on a recent list of the worst might surprise you

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Here in Houston, winter is sometimes nothing more than a fable.

Despite the rare flurries we experienced late Thursday night, one of the most popular memes shared every year is the “four seasons of Texas” meme and its many variations.

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Since the Lone Star State is most known for our scorching heat, you might think Texas’ mild winters would earn it last place when it comes to worst winters — but, according to a new list, you would be wrong.

Thrillist recently ranked all 50 states according to how bad their winter is, creating the coldest list of states with the worst winters:

According to the data, Texas’ winters are worse than seven other U.S. states, which, to locals, may seem doubtful until you know those states.

Ranking at number 43, Texas lost points for being the mildest winter because Amarillo actually sees four seasons, effectively ruining our warmest title chances.


One of the Thrillist writers lived in Dallas as a child, so he did possess some first hand experience in how most of Texas handles real snow — by panicking and prematurely shutting down the city.


Falling just behind Texas at number 44 is our friend and neighbor Louisiana, which makes some geographical sense, because, as any local knows, the only good time to be in a giant swamp is winter.

New Mexico grabbed spot number 45 with its warmer temps and snowy mountains, while the retirement capital of the world — Florida — came in at number 46.

In the only upset of the list, Colorado ranked 47th, but Thrillist defended this ranking by pointing to how it capitalizes from their snowy predicaments, annually creating a winter wonder land of lights, cocoa and world-renown destination resorts for winter sports.

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Finally, the best places in the U.S. to spend the winter, according to Thrillist: #48 California, #49 Arizona and #50 Hawaii.

Then again, how can anyone compete with an island in the South Pacific and two deserts?

If for some reason you want to be truly cold this winter, you could always visit the state with the worst winter: Minnesota.

There may not be lasting snow for Christmas in Houston, but, on the bright side, no need to shovel!

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