Linsey Fagan officially filed her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives District TX 26 as a member of the Democratic Party Nov. 16, and would be the first woman to hold the role if she’s elected.

Fagan is a single mom and native of Texas’ 26th district, which encompasses part of the Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area, according to news website The Leader.

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Her endorsements include Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, national organizations that traditionally back grassroots candidates.

?The American people deserve to be represented by someone who cares more about them than lobbyists and corporations,? Fagan said of her decision to run.

Her platform encompasses three main issues, according to her website: “get dirty money out of politics,” “health care for everyone,” and “education for everyone.”

Fagan’s name will appear on Democratic primary ballots March 6, 2018, ahead of the November general election.

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