According to reports, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is set to seek approval from the City Council for a 8.9 percent bump in the city’s tax rate to go toward funding post-Harvey cleanup efforts.

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According to, the proposed tax increase would bring the price of property taxes up from 58.64 cents per $100 of appraised value to 63.87 cents.

On a $225,000 home, this increase would equate to about $10 per month in additional taxes paid – approximately $118 more over the course of a year.

The mayor said the proposal is a one-time tax increase set to expire after one year, and it cannot be renewed.

He estimates it would raise around $110 million – money which could be used to repair damaged city property and buildings.

If Houston’s City Council agrees to consider the increase, it would do so on October 18 and after three public hearings.

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Thanks to a possible tax increase, Houston’s latest clean up after Harvey may be your wallet Ismael Francisco, Cubadebate via AP