ABC Eyewitness News in Houston has uncovered quite a time capsule, one that has significant meaning in today’s rocky political climate: It’s a video of Donald Trump and former President Richard Nixon, possibly marking the first time the two met.

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It was post-oil bust 1989, and Trump, then-wife Ivana, Nixon, TV personality Barbara Walters and former Governor John and wife Nellie Connally all descended on Houston to attend a Juvenile Diabetes gala. Afterward, the luminaries gathered at the iconic Tony’s Restaurant to celebrate the Connally’s birthdays.

In the footage, Trump was complimentary of Houston, saying, “It’s a great place,” and the late former President Nixon predicted about Texas, “They’re gonna come back.”

Trump also muses about investing in Houston real estate, and Nixon is seen at the piano, playing “Happy Birthday.”

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This is one video that bears repeated viewing–and might just take on a new meaning one day in the history books.

That time Trump, Nixon and Barbara Walters celebrated at Tony’s ABC Eyewitness News/Screenshot
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