The 21-year-old suspect in the rape of an 88-year-old woman has quite a criminal record, including being a “terroristic threat”

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On Wednesday, police arrested a man who allegedly raped an 88-year-old woman at a West U nursing home earlier this month, just as he was trying to break into another senior-living facility.

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Authorities are calling Justin Glenn Ellis, 21, a potential serial rapist, while prosecutors on the case are describing the suspect as “disgusting.”

“We feel like he is a predator that targets and attacks elderly women at senior-living facilities,” a prosecutor said.

Ellis, a burgeoning career criminal, has a record of 24 mugshots for a variety of offenses–all on file with the Texas Department of Safety.

Four days after his alleged rape of a the woman at the Brookdale West University Senior Living Center, he was arrested for shoplifting beef jerky and candy from a Randalls.

During the six days he spent in jail for the theft, police were able to obtain a sample of his DNA, which matched with that found at the scene of the rape.

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While he has not been convicted of any felonies, his past arrests have been for mainly minor offenses, such as trespassing, although, one arrest was made after Ellis was considered to be a “terroristic threat.”

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