With over 24 inches of water already fallen and another 30 in the forecast, Houston is swimming through yet another historic flood.

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Footage above posted to YouTube by user ThatGuy001 inHouston001 of the swollen Bayou at White Oak near Hollister shot around 8:09 a.m. Sunday paints an ominous picture of things to come.

Officials are warning Houstonians to stay in their homes, but water is fast rising and there are several reports of waters making its way inside.

Screen shot of Samuels’ post
“Water is now in the house. We’re upstairs in my studio w/our 2 dogs. Water still rising.” Screen shot of’s post
Photo of Friendswood neighborhood by Laurie Petty

First responders and workers are doing their best to rescue those stranded, but the official word as of now for drivers is what it’s always been:

“Turn around, don’t drown.  Don’t drive through high water.”

For the latest, follow Houston’s Emergency Operations Center, and check back here all day for updates.

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