The log showed the aircraft scheduled to land in Texas, but a small plane originating from Oklahoma City is missing, and, now the Coast Guard is reportedly searching the Gulf of Mexico for signs of the aircraft.

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Authorities say the Cirrus SR22T took off from Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma Wednesday afternoon, but it failed to land at its scheduled destination, which separate publications place at either San Antonio or Georgetown, Texas.

It is not clear if the plane carried any passengers on board, which can reoprtedly seat up to five. The plane is registered to Edmond, Okla.-based Abide Aviation.

Air traffic controllers said they failed to establish communication with the pilot, who monitors said they last observed on the same course, 15,000 feet off the coast of Freeport – about 200 miles northwest of Cancun.

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While the Coast Guard is using a C-130 to search the Gulf, officials said the type of Cirrus aircraft they are hopeful to find is equipped with a parachute system a pilot can use in an emergency.

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