The family of 4-year-old hit by bullet fragments from County Commissioner’s gun wants justice

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A July 6 incident where a Liberty County Commissioner’s gun accidentally discharged, causing bullet shards to lodge inside a 4-year-old’s leg, left the child’s family fuming.

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Now they want the incident to be treated as negligence.

Cash Flores of La Porte was attending a children’s dance in Garner State Park, which is an open-carry jurisdiction, with his aunt and uncle earlier this month, when Liberty County Pct. 2 Commissioner Greg Arthur’s gun went off.

Arthur alleges the gun discharged as he was adjusting it on his person, hitting Cash and a another man with bullet fragments.

The boy was transported to San Antonio, where he spent two days in the hospital.

Arthur himself said he feels remorse for the incident, filing a claim on the child’s behalf.

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There is no word if the Flores family is planning on filing suit, but they could use your help finding Flores’ lemonade hero:

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