The off-duty EMT who helped an innocent bystander during the Westheimer shooting speaks out

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On Wednesday afternoon when a woman sustained injuries during a shooting in downtown Houston, an off-duty EMT reportedly helped her until she could be taken to the hospital.

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Bre Jackson said she left a Chipotle restaurant with her lunch when the shooting happened – a case of being in the right place at the right time.

“I had just grabbed lunch and I heard gunshots as soon as I walked out of the door. I immediately went to my car to seek shelter and as I was driving out trying to exit, I see the woman who was injured on her knees and her holding her face and screaming,” Jackson said in an interview with ABC.

A passing bullet reportedly grazing her head during the shootout; it grazed her ear, head and became lodged in her cheek, according to reports.

When Jackson came upon the scene, she said she parked her car and ran over to help.

“She was saying that she was in pain, and I was just telling her you know ‘I understand you’re in pain but try to remain calm. EMS will be here soon,'” Jackson said.

Police say the shooting appears to be motivated by road rage; records show one driver involved is in police custody, and the other is in the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Their case will reportedly be sent to the courts to determine who is responsible for what crime.

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