YouTube account Consumer Time Capsule keeps on unleashing the hits, this time taking us on a ride back to an H-E-B of 1999, where, as featured below, a plan to prank an unsuspecting contestant in the school talent show goes wrong.

The kids show up ready to pelt an accordion-playing bumble bee with rotten tomatoes, but the ringleader went to H-E-B, where the produce is so fresh, the would-be hooligans just can’t bring themselves to waste it.

In fact, in the end, they kind just of want a salad.

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Instead of being Carrie-d by rotten food, the bumble bee continues to slay on the accordion, and he’s almost as good as Polka Pete.

And, so, like it does regularly, especially for holiday events across Houston, the day is saved – by H-E-B.

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