The push to expand Interstate 45 is real, and TxDOT wants your input

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

TxDOT, in cooperation with the Gulf Coast Rail District, is holding a meeting tonight to gauge the public’s input on expanding a swath of highway in east Houston.

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People are encouraged to attend the meeting about the expansion of the Lyons Avenue Underpass, which aims to make the thoroughfare more pedestrian- and bike-friendly.

The proposal includes:

  • Construct a new underpass at Lyons Avenue below three sets of railroad tracks
  • Construct new bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both sides of Lyons Avenue
  • Permanently close the railroad crossing at West Street between Lyons Avenue and Brooks Street
  • Permanently close West Street to the north of Lyons Avenue; however, the construction of a new West Street access road is proposed south of Lyons Avenue

According to TxDOT, “the purpose of the project is to enhance mobility, safety, air quality, and emergency response time.”

While there would be little impact to homeowners, the project would result in one industrial property and one commercial property displacement. Additionally, another commercial property would lose a portion of its parking lot.

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State representative Carol Alvarado tweeted last night that the move to make the meetings more transparent is appreciated, saying there’s “A lot 2 take in & many questions.”

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