As Texas works to rebuild after Harvey, people are reaching out to services like FEMA and the Red Cross.

With tons of legitimate and fake information circulating, however, it’s often hard to tell what’s true.

On Wednesday, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office found themselves struggling in the same situation:

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According to reports, a red Ford Fiesta or Focus with Oklahoma plates was seen driving through the community checking out homes.

The car was spotted in several subdivisions, including Legends Ranch and Imperial Oaks.

A female and two males were seen taking photographs of houses and allegedly attempting to enter homes damaged by the storm.

Concerned neighbors reported the incident to the police, saying the woman identified herself as a FEMA worker.

The sheriff’s office began investigating, warning the public the individuals could be casing homes.

A flyer was distributed across social media asking for information about the vehicle.

Police eventually pulled over the vehicle in a gated subdivision, where they discovered the truth about the occupants:

The woman works for a mortgage company and was sent to collect photographs of storm-damaged homes.

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She denies telling anyone she worked for FEMA.

While there may be scams circulating after Harvey, some people really are just trying to help.

If you need or would like to help in Houston, read more here.


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