The sweetest part of Houston is also safer than it’s ever been

Five pound bags of Western Family sugar moves along a track at the Amalgamated Sugar Company plant in Nampa, Idaho Tuesday afternoon, August 3, 2004. Amalgamated purchases about 6 million tons of sugar beets a year and produces 1.7 billion pounds of sugar from its four processing plants. (AP Photo/Troy Maben)

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Videos by Rare

Cue the eye roll, but we already know Sugar Land is always striving to be the best.

They’ve got the best town square, some of the best wine tastings, and, this year, they were named one of Houston’s best suburbs, because of course they were.

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Now their police department is adding one more trophy for their candied shelf: Sugar Land is the safest it’s been in 20 years. The department’s annual report found that the crime rate is nearly 50 percent lower than the rest of Texas and about 40 percent lower than crime rates across the nation.

Specifically, there was a 2.2 percent decrease in violent crimes and 1.7 percent decrease in property-related crimes over the last year, and the overall crime rate, including homicides, sexual assaults, assaults, and theft-related crimes, has dropped almost two percent since 2015.

Screenshot from the annual report

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City officials are pleased by this year’s report and are looking ahead to keep the rates low:

“Despite our historic low crime rate, we will remain proactive and continue our focus to remain one of the safest cities in the nation,” SLPD Chief Doug Brinkley said in a statement on the report. “This will include continued resources such as a special impact team to address burglaries and educational efforts intended to ensure our citizens remain safe. We are committed to a leadership role in building community partnerships.

Truly the land of milk and honey — and sugar.

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