The zombiepocalypse could be coming to Houston – via Austin, at least for Season Four

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Houston fans of the AMC series “Fear The Walking Dead” may soon be living in the post-apocalyptic world they watch from the safety of their couch – sort of:

Production for Season Four of the spinoff show will reportedly move from New Mexico – a substitute for Mexico – to Austin, meant to represent Houston.

The move is also sparking rumors of a crossover with the show’s parent series, “The Walking Dead.”

In the Season Three finale of Fear, which aired last month, the series’ main villain Proctor John, actor Ray McKinnon, invited Alicia, actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, to board his ship “and sail for what’s left of Houston.”

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In the spinoff timeline, a popular character from o.g. Walking Dead who died from last season is still alive; the show found Abraham Ford, play by Michael Cudlitz, hiding out in a Houston grocery store during the early stages of the zombie plague.

If you’re not into gore, you probably won’t care for how his character died at the end of the original series’ Season Seven by the hands of Negan – Jeffrey Dean Morgan – with repeated blows to the head by a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

The differing timelines could potentially allow the Fear cast to meet Abraham in Houston prior to him leaving to join the group led by Rick Grimes, actor Andrew Lincoln, in the main show.

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The shooting for the upcoming Season Four is buzzing to begin at the Dell Diamond baseball stadium in Round Rock.

Stadium officials confirmed they rented the facility to a third party during the off-season, but would not comment on the temporary tenants.

Season Four of “Fear The Walking Dead” will premiere on AMC in March 2018.

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