There is a lot of booty to go around in Houston, but you have to know where to look AP Photo
F. LeRoy Tillery, right, Assistant Manager of the Amarillo, Texas Chamber of Commerce, and Tom Diamond, Chairman of El Paso, Texas Chamber of Commerce Highway Committee, trace a portion of U.S. 60 and 70 proposed as part of U.S. interstate highway system. Both were in Roswell, NM, on November 22, 1969, to testify before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing conducted by Sen. Joseph M. Montoya, D-N.M. (AP Photo)

It?s no secret Houston is Texas? truest treasure.

But Byron Priess’ book ?The Secret? is said to hold the key to hidden loot around town.

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Written nearly 30 years ago, the book of riddles and drawings points to 12 casques around the country, with a ruby one supposedly hidden somewhere in Houston.

According to ABC13, the drawing for the Houston clue has coordinates correlate to Houston?s longitudes and Hermann Park, as well as the Zoo, respectively.

However, even if the interpretation is correct, the treasure can?t be dug up without a permit because it is located on city property.

Priess’ lore states that he buried the treasure himself, but he took ?The Secret? locations with him when he died in a car accident during 2006.

Other “keys,” or treasures, as they are known in ?Secret? vernacular, have been found, in locations such as Cleveland and Chicago:

But the treasure is still up for grabs in Houston:

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Image 8 is said to be linked to Verse 1 of ?The Secret,? which is ?probably situated in Houston😕

?Fortress north

Cold as glass

Friendship south

Take your task

To the number

Nine eight two


Through the wood


No lion fears

In the sky the water veers

Small of scale

Step across

Perspective should not be lost

In the center of four alike

Small, split,

Three winged and slight

What we take to be

Our strongest tower of delight

Falls gently

In December night

Looking back from treasure ground

There’s the spout!

A whistle sounds.?

Perhaps the greatest booty call of all. Happy hunting, Houston!

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