Executive Chef Anthony Sinese and his team have made it a point to cook up some brand new eats for Cowboys fans to enjoy this football season at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium.

Sinese described the food as “big flavors and global cuisines that are right at home within the Texas and Southwest food culture,” and they look like the best kind of heart attack waiting to happen.

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The Pro Bowl is marinated and grilled chicken or beef shish kebabs, with bell pepper and sweet onion, on a bed of fried rice. You can get it with or without dipping sauce, depending on how fancy you want to be. Then you have the Taco Bowl: slow roasted pork with corn and black bean salsa on chopped romaine lettuce. Other toppings are available to pile on.

If chicken and waffles is your thing (and if it isn’t, you’re wrong), try the Texas Chicken and Waffle sandwich with a fried chicken patty, fried shoestring onions, pepper jack cheese, maple pecan mayo and bacon. Pair it with some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Popcorn for extra spice.

If you’re more of a burger person, the Heaven and Hell burger, described by Eater as “astonishingly large,” can be your ticket to a blissful food coma.

Just don’t fall asleep during the game.

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There’s no food quite like this new football stadium food AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez