In a state as big as Texas, it’s hard to experience it in its entirety.

Luckily, you don’t need to leave your couch to see the Lone Star State, thanks to a hilarious parody featuring Texas on YouTube posted by user Meddlerfilms in a video titled “Texas Cities Portrayed by Spongebob.”

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The parody packs a few laugh-out-loud moments and, some agree, it is eerily accurate in its descriptions.

That said, the shade thrown at Houston suggests the person who made it lives in Dallas.

“This guy’s so rich, he has a swimming pool in a swimming pool,” “Dallas Spongebob” says in the video.

While it’s true a person who chooses to live in Dallas would be rich – or dense – enough to buy two swimming pools, we would like to point out there are lots of rich – and dumb – people in Houston, too.

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Yee haw, y’all!