These 80 miniature horses can now live in peace thanks to a Houston hero Houston SPCA Twitter Account
Houston SPCA Twitter Account

Thanks to the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 80 miniature horses and ponies are in safe hands after suffering neglect at the hands of their owners.

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The horses were rescued from a property near Baytown last week. A team of 18 cruelty investigators and equine specialists worked together to save the ponies.

When they were found, the horses were emaciated with no access to fresh water.

A team of veterinarians are now treating the horses, which are suffering from a variety of illnesses, including lameness and overgrown hooves. Some horses were having trouble breathing.

Some of the mares in the herd were pregnant, despite the fact that the horses were starving.

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The HSPCA announced the rescue on Wednesday, Aug. 16. The horses are already doing better, as reported the following Friday.

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