These gifs sum up how we all feel about possible street flooding this week

When rain started pouring down on Monday, residents across Houston started having flashbacks of Harvey. Soon, flash flood notifications began blaring on cell phones, threatening our sanity in a city still recovering.

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Now, weather forecasts are predicting a stormy week, with more possible street flooding on Wednesday and Thursday. Not only will the city receive more rain, but the forecast also calls for lightning and possible funnel clouds.

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If the streets start flooding again, one can’t help but wonder how recovery efforts will be impacted. We were just getting back on our feet.

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We just needed more time to get things back together. It’s too soon for this, you know?

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In a city where weather forecasts now require a trigger warning, news of more street flooding is just too much.

Should we just all buy houseboats and live in those from now on? Should we replace our cars with boats? The streets can’t keep flooding like this.

[protected-iframe id=”0c19a7d13a248a6c670bc278b00a34d2-46934866-108543960″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

At this point, the warnings feel unnecessarily scary. A normal rainstorm isn’t the same as Harvey, so why ramp up the scare factor so soon after the storm? Emergency warnings yesterday might have been a bit much.

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Whatever happens, we’ll get through this, Houston.


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What do you think?

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