These state nuisances may keep Houstonians inside until early April

One of four coyote pups peers out of his home, a culvert that is 60 feet from the main runway at the Kelso-Longview Regional Airport on Wednesday May 20, 1998. Robert Olson Sr., airport manager, said they could be "something of a hazard" close to the runway, but so far there are no plans to relocate the pups and their parents. Coyotes are wild dogs that look like a small wolf and live from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Coast. (AP Photo, The Daily News, Roger Werth)

Batten down the hatches.  It’s coyote mating season.

Leaving behind their ugly life in the city (yes, that was a Coyote Ugly joke) and joining their nice, eagle-couple, chick-hatching friends who moved on down to Webster, these wily guys have started showing up in Houston’s suburbs.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

And they enjoy the finer things, with one Clear Lake resident even confirming a sighting at the Bay Oaks Country Club.

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The Houston Chronicle put together a slideshow on the dos and don’t’s of reacting to coyotes around town. Basically, do keep an eye on your pets, especially your cats, because coyotes will kill and eat them, and don’t try to come for them because they could also harm you.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a horrifying write-up American Hunger did on the terrors of coyote breeding season:

“Thus, the challenge howl can be incredibly effective right now. It is, however, a call that should be used sparingly on stand, with great patience. And because breeding make coyotes hungry, it is also important to use prey distress sounds this time of year.”

The breeding seasons usually ends by April.

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Texas may need all the help it can get with keeping the wild animal population under control. The state doesn’t require a license to hunt coyotes, which means there are a lot of them.

You also don’t need a license to hunt certain hogs because most of them aren’t even good enough for bacon. If you want to be a real Texas hero, sign up to help keep the state-deemed nuisance animals under control from a helicopter, because shooting them on the ground wasn’t enough like Black Ops already.

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