Thieves target Houston family twice for their high-priced pets

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Purebred English bulldogs can “fetch” $6,000 on the open market, making them highly coveted commodities ripe for the picking. Just ask the Ruiz family, who is now suffering through two separate dog-nappings.

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Thieves reportedly stole three of their bulldogs in a matter of months.

The last theft occurred Tuesday morning, when two men allegedly broke into her home and took their 1-month-old Florida-bred pup. Homeowner Dora Ruiz caught the whole thing on her surveillance camera, which shows the men breaking an electric fence, kicking in a door and leaving with the dog, a new backpack and laptop.

“Just too much of a coincidence. Somebody is watching us. Somebody knows we have these dogs,” Ruiz told Eyewitness News.

A few months ago, two more of their dogs — one of whom was pregnant — were stolen, perhaps by the same suspects.

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