Recently, an area bank robber reportedly returned to the scene of a crime — his crime — where he attempted once again to rob the same bank he allegedly already robbed twice before.

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Christopher Columbus Parker, 58, boasts a lengthy rap sheet, according to records, but police say he recently turned to bank theft, possibly, because he got away with it his first time:

On Oct. 25, he reportedly held up a Smart Financial Credit Union, located at 4411 S. Wayside Drive in southeast Houston, and, perhaps, unimpressed with the sum he stole, police said he told the teller he would be back.

True to his word, he returned two days later to rob the bank again.

The third time, however, was not a charm, as Parker arrived and found a police officer on duty.

This reportedly prompted him to drive to another branch of the credit union in north Houston, which he robbed.

Thanks to a quick-thinking Channel 2 viewerNow, authorities say they know the man’s identity, but they don’t know where he is.

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A warrant is out for Parker’s arrest, and police believe he’s out there in Harris County.

If you would like to report information on this incident, contact your local police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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