This is lit — Houston’s “Be Someone” bridge graffiti gets the holiday treatment

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Whatever your feelings about street art, all of Houston can agree that the “Be Someone” graffiti over I-45 is part of the Bayou City’s identity.

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When it gets altered, the city is usually ready to grab pitchforks, but this latest change is proving to be our jam — our holiday jam, that is.

Thanks to the skills of Alex Ramos, Wave, and Input/Output Digital Lab, the city of Houston can enjoy an especially “lit” holiday this year with a special holiday lighting of the iconic “Be Someone” message.

Passengers and residents who live near the sign are already snapping photos and taking video of the holiday scene.

Finally, there’s a perk to getting stuck in I-45 traffic.

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Keep a look out for lights coming to other areas of town, as Input/Output says they plan to do more light displays before the season is over.

Happy Holidays, Houston!

Here’s a look at what’s happening:

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