This is what we’ve been training for, Houston – the city’s first Southern Fried Chicken Fest is coming to town Aug. 14

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This is not a drill, y’all:

Houston will host its first Southern Fried Chicken Festival on August 14.

The event will fill Levy Park with the best fried sampling from all over the city, so Houstonians can determine once and for all who makes the best crispy chicken around.

You’ll be able to taste offerings from a variety of chefs in the city, including the legendary Waffle Bus, Chops Gourmet Texas Catering, The Bird Food Truck and Pat’s Wings on Wheels.

Vegans can also participate in the trans-fats thanks to Nicholas Carson at Stellar Sandwiches, who will feature vegan fried chicken.

The festival is the brainchild of Vince Milson – event coordinator for Stack Marketing Group and food hero extraordinaire.

Milson told the Houston Press the festival is partly inspired by his unwritten rule to live by:

When it comes to who has the best fried chicken, he believes, “There’s no real authority in Houston.”

After the festival, however, there will be some hierarchy established and some golden delicious bragging rights for those who aren’t chicken enough to balk.

The fest will hand out awards for Best Fried Chicken, Most Unique Fried Chicken and Best Side Item.

While you sample the food, you can listen to live music from Blaze and Black, Ganesha, Bow Legged Monkey, DJ Big Reeks and Sambabom Houston.

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You may not recognize Milson’s company name, but the group is no novice when it comes to food fest logistics:

The foodies are also responsible for the Houston Fajita Festival, the Houston Whiskey Festival and the International Bacon Festival, which you may have seen circulating Facebook, given it’s what most of Houston plans to do on October 7.

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SFCF, which is also an awareness event for colon cancer, kicks of on August 12 from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. in Levy Park, located at 3801 Eastside Street.

Visit for more details, and, remember, you can’t spell “friend” without “fried.”

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