A Houston man with a knack for hacking jack-o’-lanterns is in the social-media spotlight for his spook-tacular pumpkin creations.

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Corey Middleton’s latest creation debuted on Twitter to the delight of Astros fans everywhere: a carving of pitcher Dallas Keuchel.

Captured mid-pitch, the depiction is dead-on, which resulted in hundreds of comments on Twitter.

Last year, Middleton rendered Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt in squash, but this year, the Spring real estate agent wanted to stay topical with the World Series.

Even Keuchel showed the pumpkin some love.

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And for rookie pumpkin-carvers, there’s still time to carve an Astros-themed gourd before tonight’s big game. A YouTube tutorial is making the rounds.

This jack-o’-lantern is the David S. Pumpkins of a Houston Halloween Screenshot from's video
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