This Texas favorite takes the crown in national “better burger” rankings

Texans take pride in their love of Whataburger, which started in Corpus Christi in 1950. Now that feeling is spreading across the country as Whataburger takes the top spot in the “better burger” chain rankings.

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Data collected from January through March 2017 was used to create the most recent rankings of national burger chains. Out of the seven total chains analyzed by data analytics firm 1010data, Whataburger claimed a whopping 44 percent of burger transactions during that period.

Second place holder In-and-Out burger — which is slated to come to Houston soon — had just 26 percent of transactions, while Five Guys took third with 12 percent of transactions.

Though most Whataburger locations are in Texas, the chain is expanding across the country. As it spreads, it will likely attract new fans to its customizable burgers.

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Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and our burgers are no different.

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