Houston stays Draped Up, but some drivers around town need to dial it back.

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Take this week’s DUD motorist, for instance, caught on dashcam footage and shared by SamtheSammich on YouTube.

Nothing too serious, especially given the ferocious nature of day-to-day Houston traffic, but the Toyota culprit looks like he’s in no hurry to make his way over and check on the BMW 4 Series that took the hit.

Hopefully this didn’t amount to a hit and run, but Mr. Sammich said he would be willing to share the footage on Reddit.

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Sam isn’t only a proactive driver recording the roadway; he’s also a DJ, setting the score for the footage to Micky Friedmann’s NYC Pride 2016 Masterbeat – “WE,” which you can listen to in full here.

Stay safe out there, Houston, and check back here for more DUDs!