Thrillist’s list of all 50 states makes “error,” ranking Texas outside the top 10 in their “definitive” findings

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Any Texan can tell you everything is bigger and better in Texas.

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But it seems the message isn’t known to the good people at Thrillist.

Despite using an editor #blessed enough to be born here in the greatest former country in the nation, the site denied the Lone Star State the top spot in their The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 USA States.

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Editors said they determined the rankings based on each state’s “contributions to America,” which includes a number of considerations, like inventions, regional food and drink, famous people and what they contribute, physical beauty, as well as related features.

Due to what must be a clerical error, Texas is listed in 11th place, which we can only assume is because they wanted to rank us #1 twice.

In explaining their decision, the Thrillist editors acknowledge people in the Lone Star State fully embody our “everything is bigger” motto, not to mention our state’s physical beauty, four of the nation’s largest cities and excellent food and drink.

However, they reportedly docked us points for suburban sprawl and boring cities, like Plano.

Despite those “flaws,” the top-10 states in no way top our glory, as the first three ended up being Michigan, Maine and Kentucky, respectively.

James Harden’s sass captured our reaction:

Maine may be home to lobsters, but Texas crawfish could take them – and you can suck a head, New England.

Furthemore, we gave the world Blue Bell, TexMex, Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Eva Longoria, Dr. Pepper, NASA, BeyonceWillie Nelson and both Selenas.

Oh, and Texas is the only state in the union that looks great as a waffle.

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Stay Texas proud, Houston!

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