Treat yourself to a ‘rita on the nation’s favorite holiday

This April 4, 2011 photo shows a minted margarita in Concord, N.H. Two classic summer cocktails, mojitos and margaritas, inspired this pitcher cocktail. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Like the rest of us, you probably didn’t get enough Taco Tuesday yesterday.

Well, have no fear! National Margarita Day is here!

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The terrible regret you’re likely feeling after eating 12 tacos in 10 minutes yesterday will probably subside by this evening – just in time for dinner.

Unless this is fake news, the Houston Chronicle has compiled a valuable 44-slide presentation on where you can get your drink on after work on this holiest of days. You’ve finally got a legit reason to ask that cute coworker to drinks after work, and maybe you’ll be able to repeat that glorious tequila incident from a few years ago.

Here at Rare, we urge you to drink responsibly.

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While you’re sipping, impress/annoy your friends with these fun facts from Patrón:

  • Margaritas weren’t introduced in the U.S. until around 1953 and didn’t become popular until several years later.
  • The inventor is widely disputed, but Los Angeles bartender John Durlesser claimed a customer named Margaret once asked him to recreate a drink she tasted in Mexico. Super original adding –ita to the end of her name, John.
  • Not to be outdone, though, the Chronicle tried to help Texas rightly reclaim the drink in 1966. The paper ran a story about the Studio Lounge in Galveston; they claimed they’d been mixing the drink since the 40’s for jazz singer Peggy Lee. Peggy is short for Margaret, and the Texas-sized legend says that her husband actually coined the term.

Whatever the truth may be, if it’s on the Internet, it’s law, so just go ahead and add the margarita to the long list of reason why Texas is the best state in the Union.

And if you can’t drink today because you have actual responsibilities, remember that every day is a good day for margaritas in Houston.

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