Tropical Storm Cindy is poised to strike the Texas-Louisiana border, but Harris County may not be in the clear just yet AP Photo/Pat Sullivan
Used car salesmen Jeff Hales, left, and Glen Flores watch cars make their way through high water along the Interstate-45 access road in Houston, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007. Tropical storm Erin came ashore along the Texas coast bringing heavy rain and street flooding to Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Get your industrial strength umbrella: a tropical storm is heading toward the Texas Gulf Coast, and it’s likely to hit by Wednesday.

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Tropical Storm Cindy could make contact with the Texas-Louisiana border as early as Wednesday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. At this time, counties under tropical storm watch include Harris, Galveston, Liberty and Chambers.

Bret, another storm churning, is expected to pass by the area, but make only brief contact with Houston before moving on and dissipating. That brief contact will still include heavy winds and rainfall, however, so weather experts have advised residents to be alert and stay aware of local weather warnings.

Cindy is expected to bring dangerous tidal conditions and winds up to 30 mph in speed, and while, at this time, the storm is not expected to hit Harris County directly, the National Weather Service said tropical storms like Cindy can affect areas hundreds of miles outside of their main paths.

Harris county officials are still gauging how serious the storm is likely to be before they move forward with any kind of emergency response measures.

Mark Sloan of Homeland Security and Emergence Management told the Chronicle his organization prepares for events like this, describing the precautions as “pretty routine.”

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Hurricane season began June 1 and stretches through November 30.

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