Truck blocks entire HOV lane, leaving Houston drivers with lots of questions

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Houston traffic never disappoints.

Some days, it seems like the roadways are our own form of the Wild West, with each driver following their own code of law.

One driver lived up to traffic expectations during the morning rush hour earlier this week, blocking the entire HOV lane.

As shown in the video, the dark grey truck is visible between the barriers of the HOV lane, completely perpendicular to the lane’s direction.

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Dashcam footage from a fellow driver reportedly caught the incident:

Austin Powers attempting a 50 point turn in the I-45 HOV lane this morning from houston

As drivers wait behind the truck — at what some could argue to be a comfortable distance — fellow drivers could only hypothesize about why the truck was blocking traffic:

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You can see a car on the shoulder, so it’s possible the truck caused or became part of an accident, or the driver potentially planned to offer aid.

It’s also possible he is attempting to turn around, possibly planning to drive on the shoulder.

No accidents or injuries are known to be reported around the time of the incident.

Reddit by user yubbie2 posted the video, shared their footage of incident, titling the video, “Austin Powers attempting a 50 point turn in the I-45 HOV lane this morning,” referencing a scene from a movie of the title’s namesake:

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What’s important is no one seems surprised by the display.

After all, why would they be? It’s just another day in Houston traffic.

Stay safe, Houston!

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