More than 12 states have flat out rejected requests for voter information by the “Election Integrity Commission,” created by Trump to investigate “voter fraud,” but Texas seems to be okay with it.

Though Governor Abbott says he is “keeping private with [resident’s] private information,” the data being handed over is extensive. According to Salon, that information includes full names, addresses, dates of birth, voting history and voter registration status.

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The request letter from Kris Kobach, vice chair of the Commission, announces an intention to make this information publicly available once it is received. Kobach doesn’t explain what it is that he and the Commission plan to do with the information they get from state voter roll data. Social Security numbers and military status were also requested.

The Election Integrity Commission was created via executive order back in the beginning of March.

“You’d think there would want to be a lot of thought behind security and access protocols for a national voter file, before you up and created one,” Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola University School of Law and former Department of Justice civil rights official, said in an interview.

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Trump’s Election Integrity Commission wants your information, and Texas is willing to give it to him AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File