Two Galveston celebrities made their Super Bowl 52 predictions, and the results may seem a bit “moody”

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Super Bowl 52 is already offering up entertainment as fans dish out memes targeting past controversies surrounding the New England Patriots, who many NFL fans believe benefit from controversial calls.

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This is leading to many fans posting battle match-ups showing the two teams playing NFL’s biggest game as the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the refs.

Despite those fans’ complaints, experts are faced with making predictions based on an Eagles vs. Patriots match-up, free from interference by the refs.

Moody Gardens asked their own experts for a prediction, and their choice will delight a lot of fans. The rays made their big prediction during a game of their own:

As part of the “game,” keepers placed clams and shrimp on images of the team’s logos, encouraging the rays to choose between the two food, and respective team, competitors.

A video shared by Moody Gardens shows the stingrays choose the Philadelphia Eagles as the championship winner, who will bring home the coveted Lombardi trophy.

Always satisfying the fans, the video also includes a halftime performance from a guitarfish.

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Contrasting the stingrays, Madden NFL 2018 predicted a 24-20 win for the New England Patriots.

See you on Sunday, sportsfans.

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