For the next three days, the Uber Elevate Summit is live in Dallas.

“Fast-forwarding to the future of on-demand, urban air transportation,” Uber Elevate is working to take its widely successful ride share services airborne.

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The Summit is offering information and working to bring awareness to the benefits of flying taxis, with leaders of car manufacturers, lawmakers and venture capitalists presenting research and preliminary plans for how to get the next phase of Uber off the ground.

The multi-billion-dollar company is already detailing its aircraft capabilities – basically quiet and capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) – and they’ve even worked up a drawing of theoretical landing pads in Dallas:

Screen shot of image, via Uber

DFW-based Bell Helicopter was also named on the short list for its first batch of possible air taxi manufacturers, and, given its large-scale production capabilities and experience building the type of aircraft Uber would like, Uber Elevate could be calling Texas home.

Here’s a video one of Uber Elevate’s other development partners published today demonstrating their concept electric-VTOL aircraft:

Government hurdles may be the biggest roadblocks to Uber Elevate really taking off, not to mention how Texans love their private transportation and old school ways of life, but executives are nonetheless looking to begin large scale production by 2023.

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