University of Houston officials investigate, address suspicious social media posts

Screen shot of @houstoninformer's Twitter post

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Videos by Rare

Following an investigation, University of Houston (UH) officials reportedly determined concerning Instagram posts to not be a threat to the campus.

The university made the announcement via Twitter:

“UHPD has investigated concerning posts on social media made by a former UH student. There is no threat to UH or the surrounding community,” the Tweet read.

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Authorities say the suspected threat stems from Instagram posts written by a former UH student, which contain language concerning the government, police and statements about killing people.

According to the Houston Chronicle, one of the most-shared posts reads as follows:

“My new plan is to kill every American, I’m serious kill me now don’t let me do it.”

According to reports, alarmed students shared concerns about the posts across social media platforms earlier this week, including posts on Twitter and Reddit:

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After students began posting their concerns, the UHPD again Tweeted about their investigation:

“UHPD has been contacted by concerned members of the UH community regarding an individual’s posts on social media. Thank you to the UH community for looking after each other and sharing your concerns. UHPD is looking into the matter,” UHPD posted.

Later, police said they found the man suspected of writing the posts in a Fort Bend County hospital, where he reportedly checked in Sunday.

On Tuesday afternoon, the university released a full letter providing more details about the investigation.

According to their remarks, the posts, while they acknowledge to be troubling, are not directed at the university and determined not to be an actual threat toward anyone:

“The comments from a former student were at no time directed at UH or any specific audience. However, responding to general concerns voiced on social media, UHPD immediately investigated and confirmed that there was no emergency situation or imminent threat to our campus.”

The school encourages students to continue to report things they may find concerning.

If you see something, say something, Houston. Stay safe.

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