Someone’s been decorating the inside of the University of Texas locker room, and the results are pretty, pretty spectacular.

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The university unveiled the new-look lockers and extreme renovation Wednesday night, to the delight of its players–many of whom took to Twitter to rejoice in their good fortune.

James “PJ” Locke III, a defensive back, blamed it on the new on-the-field leader, ex-University of Houston coach Tom Herman:

At approximately $10,000 locker–more than twice the average cost–it’s obvious why the team has gone nuts. Instead of your run-of-the-mill nameplate, for instance, each locker has a 43-inch video screen bearing a player’s name.

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The upgrades are part of a $10-million renovation of the Texas football facilities, which also includes a weight room revamp, an upgraded field entrance with “enhanced lighting, imagery and technology” and renovated football offices.

University of Texas unveils crazy-cool football locker room just in time for the season Twitter/TexasFootball
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