Despite its urban identity as the nation’s 4th largest city, the Bayou City remains deeply Texan at heart – fiercely independent, strong willed and tied to the land giving us our identity.

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In case you’ve forgotten, green spaces and the great outdoors are still very much a part of our great city, and the short film posted by YouTuber Dale Quest, featured below, could be just what you need to jog your memory of life from beyond your cubical or computer screen.

Titled “Autumn in Houston,” Quest’s shots of George Bush Park in west Houston near the Barker reservoir resemble painted scenes of rustic, untouched land, promising the freedom and independence we Texans innately crave.

His drone gives you a bird’s eye view of rows and rows of trees, some yellow and brown from the changing season; others showing possible damage from Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters.

The picturesque view feels like a rural tangle of unsettled land, yet, off in the distance, you can parts of Houston’s skyline peaking through.

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After all, the patch of land is just a park in the state’s largest city, but it reminds us of our roots, standing as a tiny island of wilderness in an urban landscape.

Watch this short film and experience a different side of Houston – something worth falling for!

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