Walk a mile in his shoes and maybe you’ll understand why a Houston man marched to Austin in protest of an obscure law

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165 miles later, a Houston man arrived in Austin Tuesday after walking for three days to the state capitol.

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Gabriel Cornejo was protesting a state law obligating him to pay child support for a decade for a child he claims he did not father.

“I like to thank everyone’s support for this,” the 45-year-old posted on his Facebook page. “It has been a life changing event, we will have family law reform.”

He also documented the journey on social media.

According to Texas state law, child support is still owed until a DNA test proves one is not the father, Cornejo’s lawyer told the Houston Chronicle last month.

Despite his objections, the man’s ex-girlfriend maintains Cornejo is the father of her child.

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He will appear in court Monday, August 28.

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