Walmart calls in the professionals to ambush unwanted ‘guests’ from Texas store

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Walmart is reportedly calling in the experts to help combat a camp of bats who are taking refuge in one of their stores.

As RARE reported earlier this month, the unlikely “customers” have been frequenting the Walmart in Alvin, Texas, and giving their human counterparts the chills.

Customers previously reported seeing the bats flying over the meat and produce sections, and one customer even posted footage of the bats on social media.

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On Sunday, a wildlife expert was able to capture and remove some of the bats seen in the ceiling and rafters of the store.

“We were getting groceries and went to check out,” customer Bryan Christmas told KTRK. “We turned around and there were four or five bats flying all over the place.”

In addition to seeing the bats flying through the stores, customers reported the bats appeared to by staying in the lawn and garden center.

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At this time, there are no reports of injuries, and Walmart says they will continue to work toward a resolution.

According to reports, store officials are blocking off the area where their unwanted guests are entering the store.

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