We all develop ways of coping with tragedy, but not even Harvey’s rain could make Houston’s colors run.

In line with the Bayou City’s resilient spirit, there’s a young Houstonian processing the devastation one brick at a time.

Using LEGOs, YouTube user Night Howler created two short films to recreate the storm and its aftermath.

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As shown in the first video above, Harvey brings the floods to LEGO Houston, threatening to destroy the city.

Young as Night Howler appears in his others videos, including the reoccurring segment, ‘Nerf Peeps,’ it’s clear he understood our city was #HoustonStrong, depicting the power of the citizens overcoming floods, fire, gators and displacement.

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Seeing the support of his first video, Howler’s Harvey got a sequel, which starts right now:

If you need or would like to help in Houston, read more here.

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