A new report from AT&T provides a peak into our most often Google-queried “why do” questions from state to state. While 80 percent of states only had one top query, Texas once again proved we go big or go home.

Texas is one of only four states to have more than two top “why do” searches. In fact, we have eight.

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Six of the eight are health questions, which may be telling of our health care system. Census data shows 4.5 million Texans remain uninsured, which is the highest across all 50 states.

Here are the health questions Texans needed answered:

  • Why do ears ring?
  • Why do eyes twitch?
  • Why do I bruise easily?
  • Why do my kidneys hurt?
  • Why do my legs ache?
  • Why do veins pop out?

But Texans don’t just need answers to smart questions. Our top queries also swerved into the weird, as many of us need to know, “Why do seals slap themselves?”

According to Sea World, Harbor Seals slap the water or their bodies to show aggression or as part of courtship, which, ironically, is the perfect segue to the final top query.

Texans need to know, “Why do they call it the birds and the bees?”

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Could this be because only 17 percent of Texas schools teach full sex education classes? Or maybe we’re just an inquisitive lot and deserve some credit for trying to broaden our understanding of the world.

If you’re still wondering, Live Science reports the “the birds and the bees” phrase came about because younger children are often introduced to the idea of reproduction using pollinating bees or hatching eggs, rather than the realities of sex.

Food for thought, y’all.

You may be concerned, confused or tickled by the top questions Googled by Texans AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato