An employee at a San Antonio-area Whataburger called attention to a serious issue facing the franchise: table tent theft.

“Stop stealing our numbers,” tweeted @SarahSlush on Wednesday. “This is what we’ve come to.”

The tweet featured a photo showing upturned fry boxes with numbers scribbled on them, which the store was using as “emergency” table tents.

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Though she later called her post a joke, and has since deleted it, that hasn’t stopped Whatburger fans from sending her photos of what they’ve done with their stolen Whataburger numbers:

Based on people’s reaction to the post, it’s no surprise Whatburger keeps coming up short on table tents.


While people have certainly gotten creative, one Whata-numbers “thief” has taken their collection to the next level:

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Try as they might, fans of the mighty Texas burger chain can never top the efforts of the Houston Police Department.

Putting a little extra Texas in their crime scenes, HPD officers used the popular table tents as crime scene markers until August 2017, when the department banned them.


Stealing the table tents may be a state pastime, but according to police, it’s still a crime– unless they’re the ones doing it.

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