Everything’s better in Texas, but the bar is high, which is probably why state hero Whataburger took it upon themselves to step things up a notch last week when they hired a sommelier to find the perfect drink pairings for their food.

A sommelier is a wine expert who typically helps diners at upscale eateries find the perfect vino to sip alongside their meal, but Whataburger doesn’t sell wine.

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Fortunately, they do sell something that many Texans think is a lot better than wine — a bubbly glass of Dr. Pepper.

Though it’s now owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, the fizzy Lone Star favorite started in Waco, Texas, back in 1885.

As featured below, advanced credentialed sommelier Scott Ota of San Antonio’s High Street Wine Co. sampled a taste of Whataburger’s new Mushroom Swiss burger in a video shared by the burger giant:

“What really kinda stands out to me is the Au Jus sauce and the richness of the cream with the heartiness of the burger,” Ota said in the feature.

He declared that the burger needed “something with carbonation to kick through the richness and that dark kind of flavor profile, to match that with the Au Jus.”

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Rather than pairing it with another Texas favorite, however, Ota thought the best soda to cut through the tasty burger would be a classic Coca-Cola.

Clearly, he forgot how things work in Texas, but we defer to the experts.

Stay classy, y’all!

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