Whataburger is looking out for their customers in San Marcos in a special way. In the event they find themselves driving into the city’s In-N-Out location for a one-size-fits-all burger, drivers can’t miss the Whataburger sign pointing them to the nearest Texas-approved fast-food fix.

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The Lone Star company originally rented a billboard right over their competitor’s restaurant to advertise their award-winning Better Burgers, as well as directions to their restaurant.

The billboard has reportedly been up since August 2017.

Overall, Whataburger’s trolling has gone over well with Texans, who typically side with their hometown favorite. Twitter is full of references to the billboard.

The location nearest the billboard opened its doors in June 2016 and is the first San Marcos location. It joined a growing family of In-N-Out locations sprinkled across central Texas.


When you mess with Whataburger, you mess with Texas.

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