Is Whataburger better than In-N-Out? The debate rages on

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A user on the Texas subreddit recently posted a fighting words question.

Yesterday, juncel123 asked, “In-N-Out or Whataburger?” with a photo of the two establishments’ bags, and the debate ensued.

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“I like both. I’m all for discussion though! Just don’t invite the Californians or this will turn into an all out war,” one commenter posted.

Of course, fast food chains, especially burger joints, can inspire a near-fanatical level of devotion in their followers anywhere in the country.

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“Whataburger. It’s not even close. Salad dressing has no business on a hamburger. Just get me a number 4 with a Dr Pepper,” another commenter wrote.

Despite the intense feelings and meaty loyalties, forum participants remained open-minded:

“True that. But we also have the Whataburger loyalists that will turn this into an all out war. Haha! I like both also, both are unique fast food joints in their own way,” a different user shared.

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In-N-Out is working to bring its first location to Houston, with records and documentation underway.

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