Jared Moser, 25, said he was riding his four-wheeler near Twin Lakes in Liberty County on Tuesday, when he made a startling discovery:

A 5-foot-long bull shark lay decomposing in the lake.

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“My whole life I’ve heard that sharks can be found in the Trinity River,” Moser told the Houston Chronicle.

Moser took photos of the shark to prove that it existed.

Since the Trinity River feeds into Twin Lakes, Moser believes the shark swam up the river and into the lakes when the waters were high, becoming stranded as water levels went back to normal.

After making his find, Moser brought a friend out to see the shark so that he could see for himself the Trinity River really does have sharks.

While Moser is sure about what his find means, Texas Game Warden Randy Button disagrees.

Button claims it’s more likely the bull shark was dumped by fishermen.

He says the shark was too far up into freshwater, past the point of survival, and the last big flood in that area happened last year.

The sharks swimming up into the Trinity River stay in the area where the saltwater is still present.

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Moser pointed out the shark had no trauma to its body like one would expect if a shark were caught by fishermen.

Both Button and Moser plan to return to the scene to get a closer look at the shark and hopefully get closer to solving the mystery of how it got into Twin Lakes.

Until then, get a bigger boat.