Winter – or at least fall – is coming to Houston

Fall colors are starting to show on the leaves around the shore of Ramapo Lake in Oakland, N.J., Monday, Oct. 23, 2017. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

This week, according to meteorologists, we will see some of H-town’s coldest weather since February, with temperatures barely cresting eighty degrees and low humidity.

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Experts said a front is responsible for Tuesday’s divinely cool weather, and today turned out about the same, with highs in the seventies around the Houston area, according to Space City Weather.

A second cold front is said to be moving in on Friday, as well, where weather reporters say we’ll really see some cooler weather.

After a chance of showers on Friday, this weekend is set to be the coolest one since February once again.

Lows on Saturday and Sunday should be “solidly in the forties” according to Space City, and highs will stay in the sixty-degree range.

If you are planning an outdoor adventure, this might be the weekend to do it – if the weather holds.

And for Houston, as the locals know, it’s a big ‘if.’

Otherwise, something pumpkin-spice flavored is a tried and tested way for Houstonians to fall into the season.

Next week, meteorologists say temperatures will rise back into the seventies, and we could actually see a ‘dark and storm night’ on Halloween, as it looks like it could be rainy the evening of the 31st.

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The Weather Channel is also predicting a chance of scattered thunderstorms in the Houston area almost all of next week, so get your umbrellas ready just in case.

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