10-year old Bishop Curry’s invention could mean the end of children left in hot cars.

Curry, a resident of McKinney, spent his summer developing the device he named ‘the Oasis.’

The device is a small box with air ducts hooked up to an antennae, built to attach to a child’s carseat, which can sense when it becomes too hot inside a car.

When the temperature rises to a certain threshold, the ducts blow cool air, and the box alerts emergency services.

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Curry is already in the process of getting a patent on his invention, which should be approved sometime this year. Several manufacturers are interested in helping him build it, as well.

Curry said the idea to come him after he saw a news story about the death of an infant who lived nearby from being left in a hot car.

Given the hot temperatures and high humidity in Texas, experts agree this invention could help make a dent in the preventable deaths of children by heatstroke that happen every year, often caused by being left in a hot car with no way or understanding of how to get out.

Bishop’s family started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Oasis, which has already raised over $20,000.

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