With the city working to get back on track, the Astros are meeting the Mets this weekend at Minute Maid

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The New York Mets are headed to Houston today to start a three-game series this weekend against the Astros at Minute Maid Park, meaning the sports world in Houston is, at least, returning to a semblance of normalcy.

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Meanwhile, the preseason game between the Texans and Dallas Cowboys set for today was canceled Wednesday.

Officials thought nixing the game would give the Texans an opportunity to focus on their families and tend to personal matters.

In a similar spirit of recovery, the Mets-Astros pushed back the start of the series to Saturday, with a doubleheader taking place then.

This means Friday is an off-day for the visitors, but the team hopes to use the time to volunteer somewhere in Houston.

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According to the organization, Mets players are cognizant of diverting local resources away from flood victims upon their arrival, including hotel space, so the team is taking steps to minimize their impacts without overly burdening the community.

Ironic and, perhaps, painful, the Mets’ starting lineup places Matt Harvey pitching at the mound.

Let’s hope he leaves the Thunder in New York.

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